Mory – Artist – Contemporary

Mory Ouattara is a Contemporary Artist painter and sculptor born in Burkina Faso based in Lyon.

Biography Mory

He discovers drawing with the textbooks of his childhood, in his small village where the practice of art is almost absent.  Having no notebook or pencil of color at his fingertips, he made his first drawings at the age of 7 with pieces of leaves and the remains of chalk of his teacher.

He discovered artistic practice as a teenager and decided to make it his profession.

Rapid national recognition allows it to set up there in 2010

In 2013, he was noticed by Gilbert Coudène. He was awarded a scholarship to join the International School of Mural Art.  A school born of the association and in Lyon

He held the position of artistic mediator at (EMH) in 2016 and then decided to devote himself exclusively to its creation. 

Today Mory practices painting (paintings and wall painting), sculpture and animates art classes. –

In February 2019, he created the Galerie/Atelier FEUX D’ARTISTES, located in the 1st district of Lyon where he exhibits his work and regularly hosts that of other artists.

Artistic process Mory – Artist – Contemporary

Self-taught at first, these works of the time were more abstract.  In Lyon (France), his training at EcohlCité (Emile cohl/CiteCreation) allowed him to train in drawing and to discover tools and techniques that were previously unknown to him.  Acrylic, charcoal, watercolour, pastel, modelling, painting, trompe l’oeil technique and wall fresco.  After this academic learning, he multiplied the research of many years.  He finally finds his artistic paste through oil painting and knife.  Today, he is experimenting with fluorescent painting, which still brings modernity to his work.  His upcoming project is virtual reality, 3D creations.
“amongst all tools I use to paint, philosophy is the most relevant”.
Mory generally gives neither a title nor an explanatory discourse to his works, as he wants
the spectator to make his own experience, appropriating it to himself, appreciate it through
a look of his own.

The universe of Mory

While the means have changed and continue to evolve, its main theme remains the human condition. These areas of inspiration have been enriched by his meetings. Especially with works by Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Williams Turner, Van Gogh or Claude Monet. And his creative madness never ceases to decouple. These works are the direct reflection of these emotions in symbolic, even psychoanalytic devices, where echoes of its origins emerge. Two visual cultures, African on the one hand and Western of the 19th and 20th centuries on the other hand are interwoven in his work. In the light of his palette. These two worlds dialogue and question each other. Worry each other, their myths, symbols and customs are revisited. Thus giving rise to a personal quest of great magnitude, without posture or complacency.

Creating is my identity, my vital energy, but also my curse.  I have made so many sacrifices and pains in refusing to compromise for this delirium and why? No idea. I just see this need to do it that’s stronger than me and it will definitely end up getting my skin.  And I hope that my beloved great mother, my mother, my father, Soraya, Johanne … will one day have the strength to forgive me.

Mory – Artist – Contemporary also specializes in wall decoration. It offers you to give a new look to your interior or exterior walls.  With style, pattern and